Texas Conference Mission Depot Disaster Relief is one of the many passions of Rev. Scott Moore who serves as the Executive Director of the new Mission Depot built in the Conroe, TX area as a warehouse and “command central” for all things related to recovery.

“As the Assistant Director in the Center for Missional Excellence, I oversee TACCOR and all disaster response ministries in the TAC. We warehouse all disaster response equipment and supplies and process relief kits bound for UMCOR Sager Brown Depot in Baldwin, LA. I am also be responsible for overseeing missions training and many of the mercy and justice ministries operating under the Center for Missional Excellence.”

The Depot is located on 5.8 acres east of Conroe – outside of the typical hurricane’s path and with easy access to every major road artery in Texas to get materials to disaster sites quickly.

“We have accumulated tools and equipment that need to be stored, organized and prepared for the next emergency,” he adds. “Before we had a central warehouse we had equipment scattered in various churches, homes and in a rental unit, so this will be much more efficient going forward. We will also serve as a mini relief supply storage, inventory and staging area to prepare flood buckets and such for Sager Brown.”

United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) is the not-for-profit global humanitarian aid organization of the United Methodist Church. Our mission is to alleviate human suffering whether caused by war, conflict, or natural disaster with open minds and heart to all people. Our workers are known all over the world for their compassion, leadership, expertise, and guidance in recovery efforts.

UMCOR Supply kits help to care for the most vulnerable people during times of crisis. They aIso help to sustain everyday life by providing basic necessities to people who lack ready access to essential supplies. These kits provide vital support for the work UMCOR does throughout the world. By donating kit supplies or financial gifts to purchase the supplies, you make a direct and tangible difference in sustaining people’s lives.

Because of the often sensitive cultural and political contexts that surround the people we assist we cannot allow any patriotic-or even religious-symbols to be used in the UMCOR relief kits. Well-intentioned though these are, including them in the kits can create an obstacle that keeps this valuable relief aid from reaching the people we seek to help.

Our priority must be to get aid to the most vulnerable populations. These symbols, such as flags or crosses, can be covered so that the item can still be used in the kits. UMCOR does not require that the source of manufacturing be removed from kit contents.

  Bedding Kit – The supplies in the Bedding Kit provide an important source of comfort for displaced persons.

  Cleaning Bucket – These supplies enable people to begin the overwhelming job of cleaning up after a flood or hurricane.

  Health Kit – Health kits provide basic necessities to people who have been forced to leave their homes because of human conflict or natural disaster. Health kits are also used as learning tools in personal hygiene, literacy, nutrition and cooking classes.

  School Bag Instructions – How to properly make a school bag for a school kit.

  School Kit – In some countries, children don’t have books or school supplies. Many have no schoolrooms; classes are held in inadequate or half-destroyed buildings, tents, or even the open air. School kits may be these children’s only educational resources.

  Sewing Kit – Sewing kits foster independence rather than dependence. Women can make clothing in their own size and in the style of their culture. Cottage industries often grow out of the sewing classes where women use these kits to practice valuable income-generating skills.


UMCOR Kit information & patterns available   -OR-   call 1-800-334-4221.


UMCOR Representative to the TX Ingathering:

Project Contact:  Rev. Scott Moore

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