My Heart’s Appeal

My Heart’s Appeal is an Advance of the United Methodist Church (#3022086). It was founded by Mrs. Lovetie Major in Maryland as a 501.c.3. to meet the special education and training needs for people with intellectual disabilities living in Liberia, West Africa. The organization was inaugurated in 2001 and has defined its target population as the mild, moderate or severe intellectually disabled.

Its Business Plan is to purchase 100 acres near Monrovia on which to create a residential community and a working orchard and garden in which to teach agricultural skills. The campus will feature 5 centers: Vocational Training, Teacher Training, Residential, Recreational, and Commercial. The following request list will enable the school to equip its first classrooms in the Vocational Training Center, while also creating streams of revenue from the Bakery, the Apple Orchard, and the Liberty Garden toward the goal of becoming self-sustaining. The 10-acre Apple Orchard and 3-acre Liberty Garden will teach agricultural skills and are the next larger enterprises to be secured. Naming opportunities of rooms are available to individuals or local churches.

Acre by acre we are reclaiming the promise of these young lives created by God.

“Lest we forget…” Ebola scourge shut down our classrooms for 2 years.

My Hearts Appeal Project Goals

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