Kendleton Farms

Kendleton Farms is Elijah Rising’s dream of a multifaceted social enterprise community on 87 acres near Kendleton, Texas.  There, women (and their children) who have survived sex trafficking, sexual exploitation, drug abuse and violence can live, heal and work for a time in order to reenter society with job skills and a viable income.

Kendleton Farms will also house a for-profit business venture that provides skills training, jobs and the dignity of marketable work experience that have long been missing among existing after care programs.

Elijah Rising is under contract on a property outside of Houston that was once a small Christian college campus.  This property provides ideal buildings for housing and industry for survivors of the commercial sex industry in a serene and therapeutic environment.

The municipality of Kendleton, Texas was originally settled by William E. Kendle, a slave owner who sold off plots of his sprawling plantation during Civil War Reconstruction to freed slaves thus providing them with economic opportunity and a new start.  We desire to restore the land’s original purpose by housing and helping women who were formally enslaved.

Creating sustainable work for survivors of the commercial sex industry has been a dream since our founding.  Houston has one of the largest concentrations of sex trafficking in the country.  Shouldn’t we have the largest facility for restoration of its survivors?

Kendleton Farms Projects and Goals

One of the lies that keeps women in the sex-industry is, “There is no help out there for me.” However, we understand that there are always enough resources in the Kingdom. Therefore, we desire to turn none away, instead believing that when we care for the “least of these” we are caring for Jesus Himself.

Donations or Gift Cards Accepted for:
– Doctor/Dental Visits
– Outings for Survivors: Museums, Theme Parks, Movies, Restaurants, Spa/Makeover Day, etc.
– Therapy Sessions
– Survivor Welcome Packets: Small nice toiletry items, Small snacks, Welcome note, Feminine Products, Bible, Journal, etc.
– Grocery Stores (Kroger and HEB)
– Clothing Stores
– Phone/Calling Cards
– Hair and Nails Services
– Bus or Uber Transportation
– Amazon (for books and misc. items)
– Burner/Temp phones
– Family-Friendly DVDs in new condition

Adopt a Renovation/Construction Project for the Safe Home:
– New Windows: (14) 36″x48″ vertical – Cost: $2284 (Badly needed)
– Monthly Pest Control: $95/month
– Exterior Paint for 2,400 sq. ft. of brick – Slate/Charcoal Grey Color
– Landscaping
– Outdoor Kitchen Area: Sink, Grill, Countertop, and deck
– New Kitchen and Bathroom Fixtures:
2 Kitchen sinks and faucets
3 Bathroom sinks and faucets (ORB or Nickel)
3 Shower faucets, knobs, and heads (ORB or Nickel)
– Central AC/Heat Installation: using window units currently
– Monthly Security System Costs

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