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Rosenberg-Richmond Helping Hands was founded in 1985 by churches in the West Fort Bend County area, as a non-profit organization that helps people in crisis by providing basic needs on a short-term basis. They strive to provide assistance until the individual or family becomes self-sufficient. They have a very close relationship with partnering churches in West Fort Bend County. Covenant churches sign a pledge promising financial support and agree to hold at least two yearly food and/or clothing drives.


Our mission is to feed and clothe people in need in West Fort Bend County. Rosenberg-Richmond Helping Hands assists households with emergency food and clothing on a short-term basis. We supply a safe place for people to receive the help they need and we give our community the opportunity to reach out and serve their neighbors.

We believe it is apart of our Christian calling to minister to those in need. Some churches and organizations in our area have their own programs with successful histories of providing similar services. By coordinating all of the resources of our supporters, we are able to provide more efficient services. We do not receive state or federal funding. We are supported by food, clothing and monetary donations. The donations come from churches, private individuals, civic organizations, private foundations and corporations. We are a member of the Houston Food Bank, Feeding America, the Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce and the Central Fort Bend Chamber.


HELPING HANDS accepts all donations during their hours of operation:

Monday-Thursday 10 A.M. – 2:30 P.M.

902 Collins Rd., Richmond, TX 77469

They graciously accept all FOOD, CLOTHING, and HYGIENE PRODUCTS. Please restrict all donations to these 3 categories.

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