2nd Annual



Ingathering: People who Care


People from all communities come from near and far. It’s a spirit of giving that calls for the entire district working together.


All projects are directly related to the alleviation of hunger and poverty around the world, including the United States.


Gifts collected at the annual Thanksgiving Ingathering make a difference in the lives of people in other areas of the world.

The Mission

The Thanksgiving Ingathering is a multi-missional event of local, national and international projects that address education, poverty, hunger and disaster relief. The event creates a synergy from broad participation and support for missions.”

Our Programs

My Heart’s Appeal
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Rosenberg-Richmond Helping Hands was founded in 1985 by churches in the West Fort Bend County area, as a non-profit organization[...]
Kendleton Farms
Kendleton Farms is Elijah Rising's dream of a multifaceted social enterprise community on 87 acres near Kendleton, Texas.  There, women[...]
In the early Fall of 2013, we sat down as a church and asked ourselves, "What is going to be[...]
  Texas Conference Mission Depot Disaster Relief is one of the many passions of Rev. Scott Moore who serves as[...]

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United Methodists of Texas

Thank you for your support of the 2017 Ingathering

Beginning in the SW District of the Texas Annual Conference, it is our sincere hope and desire that other districts and other conferences will join this multi-missional event.

We are working together throughout the year to make each Ingathering around the country a success. This year Ingathering is putting down roots in Texas!  We are supporting 5 missions this year...UMCOR Disaster Relief (national), My Heart’s Appeal (special education school and life skills training in Liberia...worldwide), Fort Bend Hope (local...offering English, job counseling, student and teacher supplies in the midst of meager resources in North Rosenberg), Kendleton Farms (local facility will provide for at least 40 women who have survived sex trafficking.  Here survivors will live, heal, work and re-enter society with work history, viable job skills, and start-up savings), and Helping Hands (Local Food/Clothing Bank in North Rosenberg). Any undesignated funds will be divided among the five mission projects.

It is fun to set goals of how many disaster relief kits for UMCOR and school supplies for MHA and Ft. Bend Hope your church would like to put together. Kendleton Farms will receive funds for repair and restoration. Helping Hands will receive canned goods and clothing donations. Set your goals...invite participation...and come to the auction and craft fair!

Each host site is just that, a host. They need the cooperation of all of our churches to make Saturday, November 18, a success. This year our site is Faith UMC-Richmond. Our site needs volunteers to help set up, serve lunch, run the auction and take care of the vouchers and funds, pack kits, and load the  trucks headed for UMCOR . To help, connect with the site’s contact person listed on this website.

Let’s make 2018 another success with a goal of over $100,000.

Thanksgiving Ingathering Task Force
Dr. Arthur W. Richardson, Chair
(405) 317-6909